The story of two food lovers. Our curiosity leads us to new recipes, products, neighborhoods, cities, countries and new places to eat.

Cam Heming
Cam HemingFood Bohemian | Graphic Designer
I am a graphic designer and photographer who works from home. I lived in Vancouver for 7 years and enjoyed exploring Chinatown on Sundays for new crazy foods. The abundance of fresh and different foods in Vancouver stirred my curiosity. I have been playing with my food ever since.

Karen and I love trying new gadgets, places, restaurants and foods. Brandon has come a long way in a short time. There are now Chinese, Jamaican, Indian, Spanish and Filipino markets in the city and the big markets are carrying a lot more ethnic foods. We have also seen Ethiopian, El Salvadorian and Latin American restaurants open up due to the growing immigrant population. Bottom line is we can now buy an octopus in Brandon. Yeehaw!

I am looking forward to sharing our ideas adventures with you.

Karen Numrich
Karen NumrichFood Bohemian
I have loved to cook since I was very young, inspired by my Mom who is a fabulous cook and has taught me well. I have a passion for savoury foods and wine – not so much for sweets and baking.

Since meeting my fellow food lover and partner Cam, life has been a great adventure of travel, food and music. Cam and I do the Manitoba folk festival circuit in the summer and also spend weekends at his little cottage at Clear Lake Manitoba in Riding Mountain National Park.

I have two amazing daughters and food is how I get them to come home and connect.

We love to try new restaurants and recipes and we get our inspiration from the people and places we visit. I like to say we are “foodies”, but Cam hates that term (he thinks it is pretentious) – so we are food lovers!

We love to entertain and share with our friends and we also put on a great party. We live life to the fullest, and food is large part of that living.

We look forward to sharing it with you! Cheers!