When we were in the Jalisco / Nayarit area of Mexico we noticed the way the street Tacos were cooked.  While in Sayulita (north of Puerto Vallarta) we kept seeing these specific comals that were heated from below with propane and had a convex top with sides on it.

They cooked the meats on the “bubble” part and the juices went down the sides and mingled with all the veggies and side that were options for the tacos.  It seemed like an amazing idea and we looked for one while in Mexico.

We didn’t find quite what we were looking for – so I looked online when we returned to Canada.  I ended up finding a huge one online and it was a great price ($35).  It is about 30 inches in diameter with a 18″ convex “bubble”.

We have visited many other areas of Mexico and have not seen this particular design anywhere else.

We finally found the right type of propane stove / element to heat it up and control the heat better that what we had tried prior.

Here are some pictures of the meal we made.