– Big tin lasagna pan
– 750g / 1/2 large bag of maccaroni (if more than need – thats okay its cheap)
– 3 Sweet Peppers – Yellow, Green or Red *not all green
– 3+ Anaheim or Poblano Peppers
– Couple decent hot peppers (optional)
– 3 Mid sized Onions
– 1 or 2 cloves garlic
– 1/8 / 1/4 pound butter
– Canola Oil
– 2-3 cups milk or 1/2 milk + half cream or whipping cream
– Grated Cheese – Couple types better (Cheddar, Jack, Gouda, etc)
– Parmesan Cheese (for top – if like, adds saltiness)
– Pepper, Salt
– 2 tsp mustard powder or couple sqeeze of dijon
– 1 tsp paprika
– 375g or 500g Bacon (cooked and cut into pieces)
– 1/2 Can of tasty beer
– Bread Crumbs or Panko

– Boil macaroni in large pot
(don’t over-cook – if anything under-cook – el dente for sure)
– When done removed from heat, pour into strainer and rinse with cold water to stop cooking process
– Set aside

BACON (optional)
– Cook bacon down and cut into pieces
– Set aside

(optional: broil peppers first – then de-skin)
– Cut up onions, peppers (remove seeds & veins, crush garlic)
– Some oil and butter in pan
(leave some melted butter for top)
– Add all onions, peppers to oil / butter
– Add pepper, salt, paprika
– Add 1/2 can of beer once cooked down a bit (optional)
– add mustard
– let it cook down (stirring occasionally) at med low temp
(be patient with this needs to cook right down to almost a liquid)
– Add milk / cream (not ice cold) and let warm
– Buzz it all with hand blender until creamy consistency
– Bring to medium / high temp (not boiling)
– Start adding cheese in 1/2 cup amounts
(leave some cheese for top)
– Stir in and keep adding cheese
– Turn down to med / low

– Oil sides of pan (if using metal) I’d recommend tin-foil
– Pour layer of sauce in bottom
– Add layer of bacon
– Add layer of cooked Macaroni
– Add more sauce & bacon
– Add more macaroni
(Stir if needed)
– Add rest of sauce & bacon
– Pat it down to edges
– Add cheese (and or parmesan) to top
– Add thin layer of bread crumbs on top evenly
– pour some melted butter on top evenly

– Cook at 375 for 45 to and hour
– Can cover with tinfoil for first 30/40
– Uncover and bake until brown and bubbly on-top
can broil right at end if want to be crispier / browner