We spend a lot of time Barbequing – and I love the proccess of it. We have two nice propane BBQ’s (a Charbroil TRU Infra Red and a Broil Master), a small portable charcoal pod grill, an old school Charbroil kettle charcoal BBQ (looks like R2-D2) and a Charbroil vertical electric smoker.

The vertical electric was good for a while but it was hard to get heat and smoke correct – plus it is so burnt inside that it is affecting the flavour.

I started using the kettle BBQ which has a water reservoir for keeping the heat down. It has served me well and have made some really nice smokey chickens and pork.

What I really noticed it when I started using some really nice hardwood charcoal that we have just been able to get widely here in Manitoba. The first ones I used I had brought home from North Dakota. I tried using regular briquettes (like Kingsford) and really noticed the smell and taste difference. The hardwood charcoal was much nicer.

Between the flavour from the older vertical smoker and the charcoal – I wonder what else can affect the flavour?

Here is a great article from

Barbecue is as much art as science. But leaving aside regional and philosophical differences, personal taste preferences, and conflicting opinions about Jackson Pollock-influenced sauce patterns, certain factors will most definitely affect the flavor of your barbecue. Here are six to mind carefully.

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