WIKI: Scrumpy is cider originally made in the West Country of England.

All I know is it came from our parents.

– Get people to come over.
– Have them bring a “mickey” (375 ml) bottle of white alcohol
a bottle of white fruity or sparkling wine.
– and some citrus fruit or apples, pears, etc
– and a can of frozen fruit juice (or a 1l of 100% juice or from concentrate – not cocktail)

– a new garbage can or large container
– a liner of the container may be leaky
– a good dipper
– lot of glasses
– lots of ice (good ice – solid and clear)
– some white or sparkling wine and or club soda (to taste)
– rides home

– as people show up you empty their items into the container and stir up (adding ice and club soda or wine as needed)

As the night (or day) moves on the mix changes flavour as new items are added.

You may have some overnight guests – so be prepared!

This tastes great. And it tends to be potent – even though it tastes sooo good!