one of the things you have to try in Oaxaca, Maxico is the Chapulines. They are grasshoppers toasted on a comal (clay cooking surface – more on that later). Typically they are cooked with garlic and lime juice and chilis. They can be salted with an extract of agave worms giving a kind of sour / salty flavour.

It was one of the first things we looked for when in Oaxaca City. Once at the Mercado Benito Juarez they were easy to find. We tried two different types. Each had its own flavour but neither really impressed either of us.

I waited a few days and found some more from a different vendor. I liked them – and proceeded to eat a bag full like a bag of nuts. Salty, spicy and nutty.

It took us only a second or two to get over the fact they were grasshoppers. Karen didn’t like them as much as I did but they won’t be replacing potato chips or nuts anytime soon for me.